Québec Immigration – How to immigrate to Québec in 2020

(Last Updated On: December 30, 2019)

If you are looking to immigrate to Canada, then immigrating to Québec is something that you must consider applying to, as Québec is one of the provinces in Canada that has a highest intake of immigrants every year, after Ontario. Although Québec does not have have provincial nomination program but they have number of immigration streams and have their own evaluation process allowing for more candidates to immigrate to Québec and ultimately Canada. If you have certain set of qualifications, Québec immigration might come out as the easiest way for you to immigrate to Canada.

Immigrating to Quebec
Night Time Skyline across the water in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.
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Before we move forward with the ways to immigrate to Québec, here is a small update regarding the regular skilled worker cases.

All applications under Regular Skilled Worker Program (approximately 18000) for which decision has not made yet will be terminated. New applications have to be submitted for Expression of Interest (EOI) which is designed to reduce the processing time to 6 months.

Lets get straight to business now and list various ways and streams on how you can immigrate to Quebec

1. Permanent Worker Stream

As of 2020, First-Come, First-Serve process for Skilled Worker Program has been replaced with Expression of Interest (EOI) system. Process of applying immigration under this program is as under:

  1. For candidate to enter into QSWP (Québec Skilled Worker Program) Expression of Interest Bank, EOI profile need to be created through Arrima portal.
  2. CSQ (or Certificat de sélection du Québec) is applied under criteria specified by the Immigration Ministry if selected from EOI Bank.
  3. Candidate submits Canadian PR under Federal IRCC Express Entry with CSQ.

Selection criteria ?

Selection factors for Québec Skilled Worker Program assess candidate’s professional and social profile to determine his / her potential for integrating in Québec society and labour market. Following states are factors considered:

  • Education Level criteria. (Note: Since December 31, 2015, only diplomas obtained before the submission of application are considered)
  • Work experience criteria (i.e. number of years experience in a certain skill)
  • French and English knowledge
  • Ministry validated Employment offer.
  • Characteristics of your accompanying common law partner or spouse, if applicable.
  • Individual’s capacity for financial self-sufficiency.
  • Age

2. Business People Stream

Quebec has three business immigration programs:

2.1. Entrepreneur Program.

Intake period: August 15, 2018 till March 31, 2019

Seats: 60 (Stream 1 has 25, Stream 2 has 35)

You have to fall in any one of the following streams to apply under this program:

  1. Stream 1 – You have received a service offer from a startup incubator or university entrepreneurship center or business accelerator. You can either start alone on your business plan or maximum 3 people can be part of it.
  2. Stream 2 – Your net worth is $900,000 which can be yours alone or with your spouse but is legally acquired . Also you make a startup deposit or security deposit at a financial institution based in Québec. Do check if your business plan activities are not exempted from this program.

No matter which stream you opt for, you have to settle in Québec to create/ acquire and operate your business.

2.2. Investor Program.

Intake period: September 10, 2018 till August 31, 2019

Seats: 1900

You are eligible to apply under this program if only:

  • You and your accompanying spouse (of applicable) should have legally acquired net assets worth C$2,000,000. This excludes donation amount.
  • You have fill time management experience, at least two years in recent five years. All tasks like management, planning, human or material resources fall under your authority.
  • You sign an 5 year investment agreement of C$1,200,000 with a financial intermediary (broker or trust company) authorized to participate in the Investor Program

For more details, checkout the Quebec Investor Program

2.3. Self-Employed Worker Program.

Intake period: August 15, 2018 till March 31, 2019

Seats: 50

  • You and your accompanying spouse (of applicable) should have legally acquired minimum net assets of C$100,000 in conjunction.
  • You must have at least two years of experience as a self-employed worker in the profession.
  • Make a start-up deposit at a financial institution located in the region where you intend to practise your trade.
    • Start-up deposit of $25,000 if you intend to practise your trade outside the Montréal Metropolitan Community (MMC) area
    • Start-up deposit of $50,000 if you intend to practise your trade in the MMC area

3. Temporary Worker Stream

If an employer cannot fill in talent from within the province then it hires a foreign worker temporarily. Employer will take the initial steps for worker immigration process.

Temporary workers have an option at end of this procedure ends with an application for permanent, should they decide to immigrate to Québec permanently.

4. Foreign Students Stream

If you’re an international student and interested in studying in one of the educational institution in Québec then you have to enroll in a program lasting more than six months.

Educational institution recognized by Ministère de l’Éducation et de l’Enseignement supérieur (MIDI) or another Québec government ministry. Before your apply check here for list of eligible institutions.

How to apply ?

  • Search for a study program and a learning institution that fit your level of education and interest.
  • Apply for admission and once you get an admission letter then obtain a Certificat d’acceptation du Québec (CAQ) i.e. Québec Acceptance Certificate.
  • CAQ obtained from province has to be submitted for study permit from Federal government.

5. Family Reunification Stream

You can be sponsored to Quebec if you are related to sponsor (either Permanent Resident or Canadian Citizen) in any one for following ways:

  • Spouse / Conjugal partner
  • Dependent child
  • Parents / Grandparents and their dependent child
  • Brother, sister, nephew, niece, grandson, granddaughter, who is an orphan and under 18 years of age, and not married.

How to apply ?

  • You (sponsor) have to apply under Federal Family Sponsorship where you’ll be accessed against federal sponsorship eligibility requirements.
  • While Case Processing Centre (CPC) in Mississauga is processing application, it’ll advice Quebec sponsors by letter to obtain the Formulaire d’engagement (undertaking forum) from Ministère de l’Immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion (MIDI) webpage and follow the instructions for submitting an application with required supporting documents, along with a copy of the letter issued by the CPC-M.
  • After application is submitted to MIDI, it’ll determine eligibility based financial criteria and is sponsors are in receipt of social assistance and other factors.
  • If MIDI approves the application then they will send a Certificat de sélection du Québec (CSQ) which is Quebec Selection Certificate to the applicant and sponsor. IRCC will be informed of their decision, in writing.
  • Federal Family sponsorship process takes over from there and informed applicant about their decision

About Quebec

Québec, often recognized as “Europe of North America” is famous for its over million lakes and waterways giving it more fresh water than any other province in Canada. Québec being the second populous province, is also home to second largest city and second largest french speaking city in the world.

In recent years Québec has posted good economic performance, which is result of several factors such as industry sector diversification, business people entrepreneurial spirit and various other research and development investments. These facts can be translated to number as below:

  • $34.6 billion GDP
  • Disposable personal income of $30,699
  • Québec economy growth of 2.9 percent whereas overall Canadian economy grew by 2.3 percent only.

(Credits: Quebec Economic Report)

Such economical boost in province demands more man power and skilled labour from across the country or internationally. Employer demands are met by Québec Immigration which lays down its guidelines for various streams of immigration.

We hope that this blog was helpful in getting to know various options for immigrating to Québec. Feel free to drop any queries in the comments section for further details.


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