6 ways to apply and get a Job Offer in Canada

(Last Updated On: May 24, 2020)

This blog post discusses various ways to get a job offer in Canada. Job offer can be a really important step in starting your express entry application(you get extra points for job offer) as well as after you land in Canada(its 100 times more easier to settle in Canada with a job in hand than without it). If you are looking to get a job in Canada from India, Philipines, USA, UK, Europe, Dubai or any other country, this post will help you get acquainted with various available options.

Canada recently opened the Agri-Food Immigration Pilot, if you belong to agri-food industry and have previous experience in Canada, this might be a great opportunity for you. You can check out the details here .. Agri-Food Immigration Pilot

Many prospective immigrants find it puzzling on how to get a Canadian Job offer from outside or find a Canadian employer willing to sponsor. We will try to resolve this confusion as far as possible in this blog post.

Having a job offer is a sure shot way to immigrate to Canada as it gives you all the extra points to get ahead in the express entry stream. Just to add, Skilled Worker Stream is open to only a few selected professions which require a lot of experience and right education. You may also qualify if you are a PhD.

To establish the importance of job offer, have a look at our post on Easiest Provinces to immigrate and get a PR in Canada in 2019, there is only one immigration stream which neither requires any sort of connection with Canada or any Canadian employer issued job offer, which is SINP. Rest 2 streams (Quebec Skilled Program and BC Tech pilot program) out of 4 streams require job offer letter.

Now that we have established the importance of job offer, lets go ahead and look at various options to get a job offer from outside Canada.

1. Recruitment agencies

Contacting one or more recruitment agencies focused on your profession can be best bet to secure offer letter from Canadian employer. Companies or Employers cannot access talent from all sources and are increasingly relying on headhunters or recruitment companies to find the right candidate. Companies pay these agencies / headhunters so avoid so ones who are asking you to pay them for their services.

There are many agencies that are oriented towards foreign workers but there are many more that are not. With that said however, the recruiters in Canada are generally very helpful. If they can’t find a match for you, they will definitely give a very helpful feedback for your career in Canada.

2. Networking

There’s a saying that goes by “The right people, in the right place, at the right time”, which explains the power of networking. If you have friends or family in Canada who are working in the same domain as yours or happen to know employers in their network looking to fill in a position, then they can put in good words for you. This is definitely the simplest of all ways listed in here to secure a job offer and land in Canada with valid work visa. Networking has never ceased to amaze me.

Every job offer has to be LMIA positive, which means Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) give their consent for foreign worker who can fill in a specific job requirements which no other Canadian Permanent Resident (PR) or citizen can. They evaluate and ensure if employment of foreign worker will not have any negative impact on Canadian Labour market.

Ontario and British Columbia have started their tech pilot programs as these province are lacking in tech talent pool. So if you are linked to IT sector and targetting these provinces then conditions are favorable.

3. Self Initiator

Tons of jobs never get advertised. Instead employers give the job to a person they have already met or they know. So only way to be that personal who gets the job is to be in the right place at the right time i.e. to cold call, which you could do over the telephone, email or in person.

You can be benefitted with this approach in following ways:

  • Employer offers to keep your resume and call if something pops up.
  • Suggest you to contact them later as job matching your skills will be available soon.
  • Offers you placement, internship or sometimes option to work voluntarily (without pay).
  • Updates you about another employer looking for candidate like you.

Employers do appreciate candidates who take take charge and are self motivated. If you are indeed one of them and happen to convince employer then they will hire you no matter which part of world you’re in.

4. Job Bank

One of Canada’s leading source of labour market information is Job Bank. It is just like any other job search portal online but in addition to private jobs it also list all the government jobs across all department. Job seekers and employers can find and list jobs for free and one can find plethora of job opportunities bundled with job and educational requirements, salary or wage rate and most importantly outlooks and current employment trends.

Although job bank is well aligned with immigration streams and labor market needs, it should not be your primary job search portal as many private employers use multiple hiring platforms or even headhunters to fill in a talent and may skip advertising jobs on portal.

5. LinkedIn

With half a billion members and counting, LinkedIn is geared as professional networking tool where you can connect with existing employees of company or can also check company job portal.

Which ever domain you’re working in, it is highly recommended to create your professional profile, if it is not done yet and update it with all your experiences and achievements. Employee can use LinkedIn in variety of ways, ranging from professional networking to job search. Many employers have set LinkedIn profile as benchmark of candidate evaluation as LinkedIn offers great tools for prospective candidate analytics. So it will be beneficial for all of your job applications, if you have an updated and well maintained LinkedIn profile.

6. Job portals

Monster, Indeed and Workopolis are popular job portals bridging employers, recruiters and employees. Creating and updating your profile to your current experience is advised. Best part about these job portals is not only they have listing from employers but also from recruiters who are looking for appropriate talent for multiple clients /companies.

Indeed has an upper hand when it comes to job search as it clubs and list jobs posted on all (most of) online job search portals which makes job searching a lot easier and concise.

That said, I can conclude this as even though this is list of must do things while searching for job offer in Canada, it is also encouraged to keep an eye on all other possibilities.



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  • I am a qualified carpenter / Joiner skilled worker with a keen eye and attention to detail, with lots of skills and experience very comfortable with new assignments honest and hard working ability to work without supervision and very reliable and puntual with a very strong background of carpentery, Joinery and cabinet making. I completed apprentice in 1994 and l am well prepared to relocate myself anywhere in Canada

    Elias Chipenzi 1 week ago Reply

  • I want to check which are the positions are available for the post of business analysis and project manager.

    Nisarg 2 weeks ago Reply

  • Am a Kenyan aged 50years and much willing to come and work at cananda.am a trained nursery school teacher with work experience of more than 20 years.i can also do other work apart from teaching .please help am in need.

    Agnes John 2 weeks ago Reply

  • I need Canadian Job employers contact details urgently.

    Mukkannil Sukumaran Shibu 2 weeks ago Reply

  • Dear Sir / Madam
    Please my name is Cosmos .K. Amissah am Ghanaian,
    Please I will be much excited if you can offer me ajob from Canada currently working in United Arab Emirate Dubai as auto Mechanic and driver for 2years experience in Ghana over 7years experience in the field.
    Please am looking for any opportunities in Canada thank you.

    Cosmos .K. Amissah 2 weeks ago Reply

  • Hello there. i want to be clear of this, please without the English proficiency tests can i migrate to Canada? if possible then i need a guidelines. Thanks

    AMENYA SAVIOUR 2 weeks ago Reply

    • There is no such stream that accepts without english proficiency and Canada is an english speaking country, better to come here skilled in english or it is harder to carry out your day to day life.

      admin 2 weeks ago Reply

  • Hello, I am an industrious person with a solid foundation and background knowledge in the building construction field. I have garnered over 15 years of experience in residential electrical wiring installation and carpentry, as well as architectural drawing (draftsmanship). I am very much interested in obtaining employment in Canada. Should an available position arise, I may be contacted via email. Thank you in advance.

    Danovan Harris 4 weeks ago Reply

  • Hi hope this email finds you well, I am interested in working in Canada , please may I know more

    Aketowanga Patricia 4 weeks ago Reply

  • I am a Nigerian named Veronica.I gained so much on this post. I am currently a principal medical laboratory scientist working till date in Nigeria Federal medical centre. I am 50 years old single mother. It’s been my Ernest desire to immigrate to Canada. Please, kindly help me with any health related job offer. Thanks. Contact 09064155830.

    Vero 4 weeks ago Reply

  • Hello
    I’m currently working 4 star hospitaliy as sr. Supervisor also i have been experience 7 years over Hotel industry under Housekeeping Department and I’m still ooking a job in canada as a Room attendant under Housekeeping Department in the Hotel industry.
    Can i get help to you please

    Rashedulislamucopl@gmail.com 1 month ago Reply

  • Hello sir/madam, I am Consolata from Kenya and am a teacher.. Currently teaching in Kenya I have a five year experience in the field…Am looking for any job opportunity in Canada… Please help me

    Consolata Achieng 1 month ago Reply

  • Hi dear.
    I am Bashir Ahmad from Afghanistan i can speak in english fluently also in Persian pashto i have also experience in tyer repairing and a have worked in dubai in tyer repairing shope one year. If you have any kind of work i will do in very less salary. please i am searching for job i am a joblessness.

    Bashir Ahmad fazly 1 month ago Reply

  • Dear Sir /madam , I will be much excited if you can offer me a job from Canada. Please am 28 years of age with so many different types of working experience. To begin with, am a native of Ghana but currently working in United Arab Emirates as a sales Executive. But aside that I have worked in agricultural sector for 5 years and over at the same time too i have 3 years working experience as a car paint mixture in a garage in UAE. Last but not least I have also worked in auto spare parts company for 3 years not to mention all,I have again work with a building and construction company before. Please I have completed senior high school and I no computer aswell. Thanks and regards by Nicholas oppong.

    Nicholas oppong 2 months ago Reply

  • I am a registered nurse in sri lanka . I have three year nursing diploma and 12 years working experience . I interested nursing aid or care giver job in canada. Please help me find a job offer. Thank you.

    prasadi liyanage 2 months ago Reply

  • Dear sir/madam
    Mohammed iqbal khan from india (bangalore)
    And i have done bcom and work experence of 5years.and right now i am assistant manager and i am looking for job in cannada.i request you guys can any one help me in getting job as i am very much in need

    Mohammed iqbal khan

    Mohammed iqbal khan 2 months ago Reply

  • Hello Boss please can i get any one of the agent who will help me with job offer please, and any contact information you can give me
    Thank you

    Benjamin Bamfo 2 months ago Reply

  • I’m 39years old.I speak fluent English,fast learner and a hard worker .Please help me get a job as a housekeeper

    Cleopatra Jamela 2 months ago Reply

  • Dear sir/madam
    I am dulna daksi udara.I am 21 years old.I am from sri lanka.I want to go to canada for my studyes.so can you plz explain me how to get work/student visa for canada.

    W.P.Dulna Daksi Udara 2 months ago Reply

  • Hello my name is Moussa am a Malian and am a professional footballer who plays in shootingstar in Nigeria but I just want to move to Canada and start working,am educated in Arabic and am a hafiz of the Quran I have memorized the Quran so I wouldn’t mind doing any work I get in Canada so please help me get a job in Canada ,Will be looking forward to your reply,THANKS

    Moussa wague 2 months ago Reply

  • I am Syed from Bangladesh. I want to immigrant in Canada, so need job offer. Pls help me.

    Syed Kamruzzaman 2 months ago Reply

  • I am a chartered accountant and trying to migrate to Canada. Can you help me find a job? Thanks

    Mamami 2 months ago Reply

    • Accounting is a licensed field, you wont get a job straight away with your foreign creds. You will need to come here, do some unrelated jobs and then study to get accounting field licenses etc.

      admin 2 months ago Reply

  • Dear Sir,

    Im Rajmohan from india & looking for job in Canada for System related job. Like System Analyst , EDP Head, Marketing Manager or Sourcing Manager & etc.

    If u give an opportunity i will do my best to the concern.

    For ur reference im enclosed my Resume. Pls Check it out.

    Note : If you can get LMIA for me to Came to canada ?

    Iam eagerly expecting your reply soon.


    JAYARAMAN RAJMOHAN 3 months ago Reply

  • Hi Sir,
    I have gone through all possible ways to apply work permit in Canada but I am not getting any call. I have studied MBA from University of Bedfordshire Luton Campus England. I have experience in housekeeping as a housekeeping supervisor . Am I eligible to get job offer from hotels? As I really need to move to Canada but not getting right direction neither I have any one in Canada nor have anything in hand. Please guide me or help me as I am very hopeless.
    Thank you

    Tabbassum Jahan 3 months ago Reply

  • Dear Sir or Madam
    I am a Secondary Teacher from Bangladesh looked for a job in Canada since 2 years. But I could not get. I have also experience in management ,customer service and computer works Please help me to get a job in Canada asap.

    A.K.M.JAKARIA 3 months ago Reply

  • Dear Sir/ Madam
    My name is Ratna Khatun live in Ukraine. I am a nurse interested work in Canada as a caregiver any health related sector, especially with elderly people.
    I have 8 years worked experience in nursing field.How can I get job offer? Please help me and reply my message please.

    Most Ratna Khatun 4 months ago Reply

  • I am a high school teacher.I have a lot of bank balance from my paternal property. I want to go to Canada.
    How can I get a job offers?.
    please help me for better life in Canada.

    Md.Jubayer miah 4 months ago Reply

  • Dear sir/madam,my name is md uzzal Hossain Chowdhury , country Bangladesh. i applied for a dairy farm job 29/06/2019 Canada job net http ://Canada job net. Com/ dairy _farm_worker_urgent _in_c…after giving the cv job confirmation code, asked for some more information i completed the job match successful registration dated 17/02/2020 on 14/03/2020 dairy farm Labour (noc 8431)successful registered. Now please let me know what else you need to know , please tell me correct information. Thank you.

    Md uzzal Hossain Chowdhury 4 months ago Reply

  • I am Zubair have done MBA in Finance and have got multinational experience in accounts multi countries, but being multilingual I do sales/business development and plus Chinese interpretation job in Beijing, because I am very fluent in Chinese speaking.. so I am seeking for job I’m Canada.. if there is any chance of a y suggest please drop an email to me.. thanks and best regards

    Zubair 4 months ago Reply

  • Dear sir/madam.
    I am Eunice chibale from Zambia. I’m a holder of an IT certificate and General agriculture certificate,my recent job was a customer relations officer under a micro finance lending money institute am well experienced and am looking for a job in Canada kindly help me.

    Eunice chibale 6 months ago Reply

  • Hello, I m an Engineer, also completed my postgraduate, I would like to work in Canada.
    Please help me getting offer letter

    Waqas 6 months ago Reply

  • Hi Iam senthil kumaran.i have been proprietor of supermarket from2005 to2017.i know a to z about super market.i want to work in canada.i have to apply for visa.iam in india.so I need job offer letter from you.please help me.thanking you

    P senthil kumaran 6 months ago Reply

  • I have studied in Algonquin College Ottawa Canada in Electro mechanical robotics engineering Two year s course I have done two years job in relavent filed My visa is complete I need job offer letter . Can anyone help me for Job offer letter I shall be highly obliged

    Vedang Pathak 6 months ago Reply

  • Hy, My name is Nisha, looking for any job offer for my husband, who is professional Advocate in India as well businessman.
    Looking forward for your response.

    Nisha Rani 7 months ago Reply

    • Legal is a licensed profession in Canada. You have to come here, study for sometime and then only get a Job offer in Legal field. You will need to take up other odd jobs during that time ..

      admin 7 months ago Reply

  • I’m skills carpenter I love work in canada I we be glad if you can offer me a job letter thanks.

    Oluwasegun obayoriade 7 months ago Reply

  • Dear Sir/madam

    I am Badmaw Desalegn from Ethiopia. i am hard working dedicated Man who have been working at the field in Ethiopia for four years and I would be so grateful if the opportunity was given to me to work in Canada.
    Thank you for your timing and consideration!!!
    I am looking forward to your response!!!

    Badmaw Desalegn 7 months ago Reply

  • Hi…
    I have done msc chemistry with organic specialisation in India without any experience in any field.. can u explain how could i get work in Canada in industry or laboratories?

    Jaspreet kaur 7 months ago Reply

  • I want any small business opportunity in Canada any body can explain me

    Jvijayakumar 8 months ago Reply

  • Hi I am a hard working dedicated Man who have been working at the post office in Jamaica for three years and I would be so grateful if the opportunity was given to me to work in Canada. I am looking forward to your response thank you

    Sean Burnett 8 months ago Reply

  • I interested to work here I’m (CNA) nursing assistant. I have experienced on my job almost 10 years,,, I give care for sick people,,, .

    Lynda Michel 8 months ago Reply

  • I am interested to work Canada for construction and elevator and escalator repair installer technician service and maintainec .I have Singapore building construction skill certificate( Singapore Evulation steel rainforecmaint certificate).sg

    Amin MD Amin Hossain 8 months ago Reply

  • Hello my name is Amadou bah am from The Gambia in west Africa I’m 20 years old and am a wood worker so looking for a job in Canada. N I can take Any job because I need it. So pls do help thank you and hop you all have a nice day…

    Amadou bah 8 months ago Reply

  • I am Salim from India. And skilled in a profession of glass and aluminum work
    Experience of 23 years and need to migrate in Canada. Can u please help me with it. I am ready for any other job in company or other if I don’t find a job in my field

    Salim jafar godhrawala 8 months ago Reply

  • Labour work

    chavda bhavik 9 months ago Reply

  • To whom it may concern,
    My name is Sheriffa Edwards and I’m from Jamaica. I’m a licensed practical nurse and i have seven years experience as a well trained dental assistant. I would like the opportunity to work and further my studies as a licens Registered nurse in your country. If any opportunity arrives please email me

    Sheriffa Edwards 10 months ago Reply

  • Dear Sir,madam
    I am Loknath Adhikari from nepal.i want to go to canada.i have so many experience.i went Kuwait last 2 years.so can you plz explain me how to get work visa for Canada.

    Lok Nath Adhikari 12 months ago Reply

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