Canada Immigration Updates and Help – WhatsApp Group

(Last Updated On: February 15, 2021)

If you are an aspiring Canadian Immigrant and looking for help with latest Canadian immigration updates, rules or immigration application, join the following whatsapp/telegram group for updates and other help during immigration process.

Canada Immigration Telegram Group Link:
Click on the following link to join the group:

Canada Immigration Whatsapp Group Link:

Please dont post your number with a request to add to the group since such a process to entry to the group could be easily abused.

Rules of the Group:

  • Purpose of the group is to help people stuck in specific queries they are facing while applying to their chosen immigration stream. The telegram groups are not suited for long form queries like .. How do I immigrate to Canada etc ?
  • Please post specific questions and not questions like best/easiest because there is no best/easiest way, it really varies from individual to individual even in the same NOC
  • No Soliciting/Advertisement or buy/sell posts.
  • Admins also have full time job and can’t answer all the questions, please restrain from pinging/cursing admin or any group member on individual capacity.
  • We encourage group members from discussing amongst themselves rather than waiting for admin on everything.
  • Please keep the discussions restricted to Canadian Immigration process.
  • No Politics discussion.

If you are looking to get a professional help, you can ping Admin to get professional evaluation of your profile.

Disclaimer: This group is not a legal advice and we highly recommend you to consult a lawyer or IRCC representative to help with your application process.

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